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Prepaid SNOWMOBILE RENTAL certificate 1 Snowmobile for 1 Day

Prepaid SNOWMOBILE RENTAL certificate 1 Snowmobile for 1 Day

Use as a gift for family or friends, take a vacation, or treat yourself!
NO EXPIRATION, Use winter for snowmobile or summer for equivalent value on boats/watercraft.


SNOWMOBILE (or watercraft) RENTAL PREPAID serial numbered certificate can be redeemed any time during season in Grey Eagle, Mn at 2sledsandatrailer LLC Rentals.
Snowmobiles are NOT delivered to you, they must be registered and picked up in Grey Eagle, MN. 
You can take the snowmobile wherever you want by truck or trailer, also, trailers are available if you wish to ride elsewhere. Must be 21 years old (or over 18 in military).


This is for a PREPAID snowmobile rental of: 
1 Skidoo Grand Touring Sport 600 ACE  SNOWMOBILE (2 Seater)
for 1 full 23 hour (or 24 hour DAY based on booking date)

For additional snowmobiles either purchase additional certificates or see other listed certificate deals with multiple sleds or multiple days.



These snowmobiles are 2-up seat & can be ridden double, but usually ridden individually with the option to carry 2 people.  

QUIET and powerful fuel efficient 4-stroke engine
Up to 29mpg in eco mode
Automatic belt drive transmission, there is a throttle and brake, thats it.
Tall windshield for warmth and comfort
Comfortable king/queen seat
Adjustable individual heated handgrips for driver AND passenger and heated throttle lever
Reversible throttle lever for push or pull
Hydraulic brakes and parking brake
137" track with 1.25" lugs for safety and traction
(Helmet may be provided depending on covid limitations at the time)


How it works:
The certificate will be mailed to you in a package with brochure & trail map, and you can redeem it anytime during winter providing trails are open and groomed.  The certificate can also be redeemed for equal value during summer for Seadoo watercraft (jet ski), or pontoon or fishing boat rental.
You can book as many snowmobiles in advance as available.

YOU MUST CALL or TEXT 320-200-0300 or email TO BOOK RESERVATION for your adventure.
Rental agreement & waiver are required at time of registration & pick up.
(Inexpensive lodging for up to 10 people is available in town across the street from registration or private homes can be rented on Big Birch Lake and other nearby lakes.)

If you are unfamiliar with snowmobiling we are happy to teach and assist.
If possible at the time of your booking, your certificate could be utilized as a guided tour if you feel you need the guidance.


Note: This certificate is for a 1 day RENTAL of said snowmobile, You are NOT purchasing the snowmobile you would be renting!

2sledsandatrailer LLC has been open for years & owner/operator has over 40 years experience in the snowmobiling industry.

Certificate policy:  There are no refunds on certificates as they can be gifted, traded, or resold until redeemed, each with unique serial number, no expiration.  You are buying a certificate by mail to be redeemed for snowmobile or watercraft rental at Grey Eagle, MN location.


Never heard of Grey Eagle?
Grey Eagle MN is a hidden gem, surrounded by lakes, fields, woods, streams, and hills boasting one of the best local trail systems & finest lakes in the state. The scenery on trail is spectacular and unique to the area. The trails connect statewide & into the surrounding states as well.
In town and ON TRAIL you will find exceptional inexpensive dining and hole-in-the-wall bars & restaurants with a wide variety of food & festivities.
There are often weekend poker runs where you get a stamp from a series of stops and draw cards for cash & prizes at the last stop.

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